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Forest Photoshoot | Into The Woods

“It is in the still silence of nature where one will find true bliss.” 

Quick tips to make your photo shoot just a bit more soft & romantic:

TIP 1. Make flower crowns for your models. Yes, I said make them - this may seem a bit scary if you’ve never handled flowers for something creative, but you don’t have to be a florist to make these. Go to your local store (anywhere that has a small floral section) and choose one to three bouquets. Pick colors that will match/pair well with your model’s wardrobe. Buy green wire; usually, you can ask the florist at the store for this, and they will have some behind the counter, or any craft store will have it. I also like to purchase some floral tape which is also green and his strangely thin. You don’t have to have it, but sometimes, depending on the flowers you buy, it’s nice to have.
Next, use the wire to make a circle (don’t connect the wires, unless you have the model standing right in front of you to make the correct measurement) and start connecting the flowers/greenery to the wire by using another ten inch, or so, string of wire. This is where the floral tape can help but isn’t necessary. Wind the tape around the wire to cover it. When I make these, I usually move clockwise around the wire, and I also like to keep about 5 inches of flowerless wire to tie off at the back of the head (since I do not typically have my models that early.) After I’ve finished them, I will use a hanger and loop them over the neck to transport. 

TIP 2. Choose soft colors for your models to wear. For this shoot, we told our ladies to wear floral because we wanted a pretty spring look. 

TIP 3: Don’t be afraid to ask your models to get into unnatural poses. I know it may feel weird asking your model to roll on the dirty ground or to lay on the leg of a stranger, but most of the time that is what creates a unique, intimate image. Just be confident, and they will get it.  

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