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  1. Beth | PNW Senior Session

    26 May 2020
    Beth is one of those… Photographers you know what I mean when I say this. She's that person that gets in front of your camera and you go–oh my gosh what the heck. In other words, Beth was born for the spotlight. She shines from this inside out and you…

  2. Kaela | PNW Senior Session

    15 Apr 2020
    Kaela is from St. Maries, a small little town in the attic of North Idaho. She is a DYW winner and an all-around fantastic human. For her senior session, we chose some local spots in Post Falls. Like a random field next to a pizza place with cute little yellow…

  3. Addy | Senior Pictures

    14 Apr 2020
    I love Addy. I’ve known her since she was 14 and I’ve watched her grow into an incredible young woman. This girl has it all. She kind and caring, smart and beautiful, she someone I admire. 

  4. Natalie | Senior Pictures

    13 Apr 2020
    I suppose you could say Natalie has the perfect “Girl next door” look. She’s sweet and oh so kind. If you ever have the chance to meet this young lady you are in for a treat.  For her session we chose to shoot in several floral patches and as you…

  5. Chloe | Senior Pictures

    08 Aug 2019
    I remember the first time I met Chloe, and wow… talk about the most beautiful smile! There is something very sweet and joyous about her. Every word spoken is said with confidence and her overall presences is sheer power. The girl knows who she is–and it shows.  Senior Session Detail:…

  6. Emma | Summer Session

    29 Jul 2019
    I’ve been photographing Emma since she was 11. She 22 now and I’m not sure where the years have gone, but one thing I can say is I’m thankful for this friendship. Not only is Emma beautiful (obviously) but she kind and deeply genuine. She’s one of the faces that…

  7. Boise Sand Dunes | Inspired Shoot

    29 Jul 2019
    They said, “You know the tallest single-structured dune in North America is located just outside Boise Idaho, right?”  My reply, “You’ve got to be kidding me. What the heck, how did I not know this?”  Fast forward–we are running out into the sands of the Bruneau Dunes with a pack…

  8. Kyrra | Senior Pictures

    10 May 2019
    Kyrra is such a dream to photograph, not only is she extremely gorgeous but she is also super kind and I so love her freckles and white hair. Any photographers out there totally into the white hair trend! I so am. We took these images in Post Falls, Idaho near…

  9. A SSS Shoot | Autumn Adventure PNW

    10 May 2019
    Have you heard about the Secret Senior Society? Well, its a pretty amazing group of young creatives. What do we do? Creative photoshoots, events, gathering, game nights and more. Why? because we believe in community, creativity and friendship. So, if you live in the PNW and you are looking to…


    17 Apr 2019
    This past week I had the honor of photographing Nicole for the back jacket of her new book, coming soon from Bethany House Publishing. She is an accomplished writer of ten, ultra sweet and oh so lavish, books - such as A New Shade of Summer and The Promise of…

  11. Emma | PNW Senior Photo Session

    06 Mar 2019
    Emma’s a babe. She also has the most contagious smile! We shot her photos around sunset in the hot August weather and goodness did they turn out beautiful. Ariana made sure to bring the smoke bombs and we had so much fun lighting them off while Emma posed in her…

  12. Forest Photoshoot | Into The Woods

    31 Jan 2019
    “It is in the still silence of nature where one will find true bliss.”  Quick tips to make your photo shoot just a bit more soft & romantic: TIP 1. Make flower crowns for your models. Yes, I said make them - this may seem a bit scary if you’ve…

  13. Lake Oswego Wedding | Lindsey + Trevor

    08 Jan 2019
    We had never been to Lake Oswego, Oregon until Lindsey and Trevors gorgeous mansion wedding, and goodness sakes is it a beautiful place! Lush and oh so moody. On the day of Lindsey and Trevor’s wedding they were surrounded with friends and family. 

  14. Black Leather | A SSS Shoot

    20 Nov 2018
    Its such a unique experience, getting to see these ladies at their most beautiful and raw moments. Over the past year we have been blessed (and when I say blessed, I mean; “completely and utterly awed”) to see these young women grow as humans and develop into creative and passionate…


    01 Nov 2018
    We wanted to shoot at dusk with little Christmas lights so we headed downtown Coeur d’ Alene around 5:30 and took four gals with us from the SSS: Kelsey, Mckenna, Jaylyn & Olivia. We found an OUT-OF-ORDER Coke machine, some cool lights in the front window of a real estate…


    24 Oct 2018
    So. It turns out Lydia is allergic to grass. So we ended up in the sand… Dust anyone? The theme for this Secret Senior Society Shoot was black lace and glitter lips, and oh my did the girls like the glitter lips concept; who knew it would be such a…


    17 Oct 2018
    I probably could write all day about Krista. Not only is she a complete babe but she’s also a has an inner sweetness that comes out in the best way. We love Krista. We even nick named her Hellen, which is pretty special considering she one of the few that…


    08 Oct 2018
    Here in the the PNW the weather is changing like a kaleidoscope does. The colors of summer have vanished and the tones of burnt orange and red have blanketed the mountains. We took Molly & Lindsey (both SSS ladies) up to cougar gulch to take some boho inspired images.  If…


    03 Oct 2018
    “Lauren, what do you want your senior session to look like?” I asked her from across the table.  She smiled and looked at her mom who laughed and said, “Well Lauren is very sweet and kind. Maybe something that reflects her qualities?”  I thought to myself, this young woman is…


    02 Oct 2018
    We met Keenan this spring along with his mom Celeste, dad Greg, and sister Samiah. One thing I can say about this family is that they are amazing and super close. They do everything together, and they support one another. I can honestly say that I feel super blessed to…


    31 Jul 2017
    Jaeda. You are wild and beautiful and oh so captivating. Not only did we have the pleasure of photographing Jaeda for her senior photos but we also got to spend a week with her on the island of Kauai for our Collins Sisters Camp. All I can say about this…


    08 Aug 2016
    Isabel is a one-of-a-kind babe with beauty and personality. She chose to go with our Emma Collection- which is our all-inclusive senior session for creatives. The day of her session her and her mom drove up from Lewiston, Idaho to our studio in Post Falls and we started shooting in…

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