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I probably could write all day about Krista. Not only is she a complete babe but she’s also a has an inner sweetness that comes out in the best way. We love Krista. We even nick named her Hellen, which is pretty special considering she one of the few that has received a select middle-aged-woman name. Earlier this spring Krista went to Kauai with us on one of our camps and throughout the summer she has attended most of the SSS events, she’s a house hold name. So, here’s to Hellen. 


Here in the the PNW the weather is changing like a kaleidoscope does. The colors of summer have vanished and the tones of burnt orange and red have blanketed the mountains. We took Molly & Lindsey (both SSS ladies) up to cougar gulch to take some boho inspired images. 

If you are interested in joining The Secret Senior Society make sure you sign up for your senior photo consultation HERE | We will be opening our 2020 senior sessions mid October 2018 and you have to be a RKP senior in order to join THE SSS program. 


“Lauren, what do you want your senior session to look like?” I asked her from across the table. 

She smiled and looked at her mom who laughed and said, “Well Lauren is very sweet and kind. Maybe something that reflects her qualities?” 

I thought to myself, this young woman is so unique. Her looks and personality - she was so soft and gentle and her eyes literally glistened in the light. 

I scribbled some notes on a piece of paper and nodded. It only took me a few moments with Lauren to know that what her mom said was absolutely true, Lauren may be stunning on the outside but its her inner peace and sweetness that carries her into a room and lights it up. 


We met Keenan this spring along with his mom Celeste, dad Greg, and sister Samiah. One thing I can say about this family is that they are amazing and super close. They do everything together, and they support one another. I can honestly say that I feel super blessed to know them. 

 Keenan is signed with Seattle Talent Agency, and he is 13… yes he is only 13. We joke about this a lot because I honestly thought he was 15 or 16 when we walked in the door at our studio. He is going to be pretty tall when he finishes growing.   


Jaeda. You are wild and beautiful and oh so captivating. Not only did we have the pleasure of photographing Jaeda for her senior photos but we also got to spend a week with her on the island of Kauai for our Collins Sisters Camp. All I can say about this woman is she is meant for so much in this life. She is a free spirit that smiles and laughs and captures the attention of everyone in the room. And despite hard times in life she has risen above and plowed forward in chasing her dreams. Jaeda you are a gem, a star that shines in dark places.


Isabel is a one-of-a-kind babe with beauty and personality. She chose to go with our Emma Collection- which is our all-inclusive senior session for creatives. The day of her session her and her mom drove up from Lewiston, Idaho to our studio in Post Falls and we started shooting in the morning. We took quite a few shots downtown Coeur d’Alene by the beach and behind the main street. Then, in the afternoon, we drove up to Rathdrum and found some gorgeous places in the forest to create her fantasy style images. 

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